Patrick Goldsack, Founder, CEO and Chief Technologist

Patrick is a 28 year veteran of HP's Research Laboratories in Bristol, UK, where he was a Distinguished Technologist. Patrick was lead researcher on a wide variety systems technologies, from soft-state configuration systems including the successful SmartFrog open source project, to the security and scalability of clouds and non-volatile memory machines. Patrick left HP Labs in 2016 to explore opportunities with federated IoT and its use in situational awareness, thereby combining his varied knowledge of distributed systems, security and data privacy.

Simon Arnell, Founder and non-executive Director

Simon is currently Security Chief Technologist at DXC Technology . As one of our founders he provides capital investment and guidance to Configured Things. Simon led HP’s DNS monitoring service, pioneered the use of SDN for rapid incident response and investigation and the application of stochastic process modelling and simulation for strategic security policy decision support. Simon has previously filed a number of patents in the areas of systems modelling and network security. He briefs industry experts, government agencies and senior cabinet ministers on security. 

Nick Randall, Founder and Business Development Director

Nick is technologist with a career in Networking going back 30 years. He has worked with vendor startups from both North America and Europe providing Optical IP, Access Networking and performance assurance solutions to service providers, data centres and their Enterprise customers throughout EMEA. He developed a healthy understanding of both sides of the channel fence running channel programs for vendors having been co-owner of two successful re-sellers. In his spare time, Nick has a financially unhealthy relationship with old Land Rovers.